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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Finally posting from Switzerland

So, I've been in Switzerland for about 2.5 weeks now, and I am finally posting. It would take way too long to recount that much worth of information, so I will pretty much start with the present, and give snippits of the past.
-I love how the Swiss don't believe in intersections; instead they have circles, and everyone adheres to those on the right, and lets the person who got there first take their turn. No one rushes in this country! People slowly saunter through the malls, leisurely walk on the streets, drinking coffee for hours. It's true. Admist this gentle lifestyle, the Swiss are obsessed with punctuality. Understandable, since they are masters of the watch.
- I love taking the train! Even though my commute into Geneva is 50 minutes, it goes by fast. A fifteen minute morning bus ride into Nyon, listening to Jewel's "Good Day" starts my day off. Then it's meeting up with the group, and taking the 15 minute train into Geneva. I guess it's mainly the wait time in between that takes so much time.
Yesterday, on the train ride back home, there were two old women: one taking care of the other who appeared to either be partially blind, or developing Alzheimer's, based on her incompetency and lack of coordinated movements. It was sweet to see, the importance of friendship and taking care of one another, into old age. I hope someone takes care of me like that when I am old. I wanted to go over and give her a big hug.
- On another note, Europeans are totally baffled by George Bush's international actions! More interestingly, everyone is so learned and knowledgable on Iraq and world affairs. I just play up my Russian roots, and tell them that I don't identify with the policies of the American government.
-At least once a day, i have to remind myself, "MASHA! YOU are in GENEVA! the swiss alps are your view point, the opportunities here are endless, and you are in the midst of it all!"
-Switzerland is so expensive that it makes you depressed...i NEVER eat McDonalds, and here, at times it has just become my simple salvation. Although, a happy meal costs 6 dollars! Funny, one of the cheapest things here is Swiss chocolate! But, i had a phenomenal falfael the other day. Yum!
-My host family is great! Their house is infused with different cultures and inspirations; most of the walls are painted orange. As my host mom says, "that way the sun is always in my house".
Anyway, i'll post pictures on here later.
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