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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year Everyone!
i know i haven't been blogging as much, but i'll be back to my regular routine and probably more after the winter break. I'll have more free time then.
Anyway, here's to a better and more exciting year!
come to think of it, i don't even have a new year's resolution!
oh well, Cheers everyone!
9:26 PM

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas Everyone!
4:33 PM

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

I feel pretty drained after today.
I HATE going to doctor's offices/appointments by myself. It's just so overwhelming, and you feel like who knows what they'll diagnose you with, and you come into a room full of old people and they wonder what such a young girl is doing at an opthomologist's office.
So after I sit for 30 minutes waiting for my vision test, I get into the room and right away the specialist says that my right eye looks like it would after somebody has had surgery. I hadn't even said a word yet! Now, I'm one of those patients who LOVES to talk and ask all about the profession and how the doctor's day is going, etc. So she does this cool test where I have to push a button when I see a white light, and I'm all interested about how the machine works and we get to talking about how young people are having strokes, etc. I just like to be one of those people who brightens a doctor's day.
So I leave the specialist, and go up to the 4th floor where the primary opthomologist is going to look at me. Another 20 minute wait. The first doctor takes me back and there is a med-student shadowing her. Now, I usually don't mind, but once again I'm all alone in a big overwhelming hospital, and I just am not really feeling that comfortable talking about my whole eye issue in front of another person. But it goes okay and it actually turns out to be good.
OKAY, so finally the main doctor comes in, asks me about my eye, and decides to do 2 tests-- put ice on my eye, and also make my eyes look up for some time, all to see if the eyelid will go back into place. It doesn't. Now i'm like, umm it's been all fun and games,but... so he puts these eyedrops in my eyes, and over a period of 15 minutes my eyelid slowly starts to go back to normal. But the primary doctor says that he can't give out the eyedrops, etc because they are just to do routine testing. He basically tells me two possibilities that are happening to my eyes, and says that the only way to correct it is to get SURGERY. Grrreeeaaaat. At first I was okay, because it pretty much is a routine surgery- 45 min, except that recovery is a whole week with my eye turning purple and blue. Then that whole "being alone feeling in a huge hospital" basically started to wash over me. They sent me over to get some blood tests done in the hopes that it could be one of the two diagnosis that actually can be treated. I LOVE telling the people who draw blood that the blood actually looks like the color of pomogranets. I was kind of mesmerized by how pretty the color of my blood was. And then we somehow got onto the topic of how I don't have a boyfriend, and I wish I did because then I could act all weak and needy, so my boyfriend would get me Taco Bell (because Taco Bell is amazinggg!) and make me feel better. The good old African-American lady chuckled and said she was surprised that such a pretty girl didn't have a boyfriend. And i told her that I don't know where all of the good guys are, probably hibernating. And she thought that was hilarious, so I guess that's good that I made somebody laugh.
Whenever I would get sick, my mom would go out and buy me ALL of my favorite food, and I didn't have a mom or a boyfriend to buy me food, so I went and got the life changing Caribou Campfire Mocha with a delicious blueberry muffin, got lost getting out of Atlanta, stopped by the mall to by my mom some gifts, and then got some Taco Bell.
I REALLY don't want to get the surgery. I'm praying that my eye will get better by itself.
6:46 PM

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Me and Boris!

The picture is small, but you guys get the point :)
11:16 AM

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Friday, December 09, 2005

End of the year

Finals are just around the corner. Two more weeks left in GA until i go back to California for three weeks. I have to pack up all of my stuff, because I'm going to be moving to Emory's main campus in Atlanta.
I think this has been my best and most favorite semester so far. It was sad saying goodbye to some of my favorite professors. It's not particularly enjoyable when a good thing has to end. I'm excited to go home though. I'll get to see all of my friends, do some painting, go back to work at the coffee shop, and just get a nice break.
I'm not sure where Boris is going to stay yet; I'll find him a friend's garage soon.
There's been something weird going on with my right eye, and I just made a passing comment to my dad about it when he was here. I guess he talked to his doctor friends, and immediately called me a couple of times telling me to set up an appointment with a specialist. He works at a hospital so his tone and urgency kind of freaked me out. I don't like going to the doctor, and I go very rarely. So, on Thursday I'm going to have to drive into Atlanta and do all of this all on my own. I kind of wish I had somebody who would go with me. Especially since I don't really want to drive back with my eyes being dialated and all. When you have to do stuff like this by yourself it just makes you feel so alone. And I'm not one to tell people all of my problems, etc. I hope everything is fine, okay, I'm pretty sure it is, my parents are just freaking out for some reason. They've even scheduled an appointment in CA. and then that makes you hypochondrical.
I'm just ready to be with my family again.
2:19 PM

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Saturday, December 03, 2005


What a WONDERFUL night.
Who thought such amazingness could ensue after such a loaded week, topped off with the final arguement with the roommate (yes folks, it has finally happened--i'll have to get back to that later). My friend and I went up to Emory, walked around for an hour, had YUMMY pizza--and i mean this stuff was really really good. Then we went to a Symphonic Orchestra concert which was free, and Emory students [who were amazing] were playing in it. They had this really beautiful song with the percussion instruments- composed solely of xylophones and sounded ethereal. We left after the intermission, got some coffee--Caribou Coffee (trust me, the Campfire Mocha will change your life!). So after some life changing coffee we headed on off to see Just Friends. Let me tell ya, that movie was HILARIOUS! I was kind of tired when we got in the theater, but I was laughing out loud the whole time throughout the movie. Chris Reyonalds is awesome, and everybody's exaggerations are just hilarious---i can't say it enough.
Before that, I had called my dad, and he sounded really excited to talk to me. On Wednesday it was his Birthday, and my mom called me later and asked me multiple times if I had talked to my dad; and I said I had left a message, etc, and that I would try later. and she said this: "He kept asking me the whole day if you had called; he wanted especially to hear your voice" That took me aback. Then, today, he told me that he had finally picked up the Jazz Book that I had given to him as a birthday gift 5 years ago. He said that he would slowly start reading it. A couple of posts ago, I said that I wanted something awesome, cool to happen to me. Now, i was thinking more along the lines of a bf? but this is SO much better!!!
The only minor thing that happened today was that Boris [car] incurred a slight injury. As I was driving on the highway, a pebble flew at the windshade and made a slight crack--not all the way through, but still :(
Oh well, wish me luck on my first oil change tomorrow! In CA they have 10 min. oil changes...hopefully I can find one, or is that asking too much? I dunno...anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful night too!!! ::Big SMILE::
1:09 AM

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