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So, I'm leaving for Switzerland next Tuesday. I think I'm finally ready, and believe that it's happening. That I will be living in Europe for the next six months. My host famiy wrote me an email, and they seem very nice and normal. That puts me more at ease, and I don't feel as much in the dark about this trip.
I just finished watching the Russian version of "Ugly Betty", 200 was a marathon race, with me going to bed at 5 in the morning and watching it for most of the day. I think my DVD player on my computer was getting to the frying point. But the series was sooo good. And I want to be loved so deeply and passionately as the main characters loved each other. When will that happen to me? I still haven't loved anyone like that. Infatuation, yes. But I haven't given my heart to anybody and not been able to take it back. Who knows? Maybe something, or better someone, is waiting for me in Europe. I can only hope.
I'll try to keep all of you updated on my whereabouts, adventures, and pictures. I'm off! Bon Voyage pour moi!!
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Saturday, January 06, 2007


I got all As this semester!!!! 4.0! (technically, 3.9 since I got one A- but still)

I wish my study abroad next semester counted towards my GPA, but it doesn't. Oh well. Who cares, I got all As!
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