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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm doing better. But this week is going to be hell, fire, and brimstone with the work I have piled up. Seriously, my french teacher thinks that her class is the only one i'm taking; she gives so much work. I feel much better too. I don't really feel like I need counseling anymore...I really realized that I was just overwhelmed and needed to let EVERYTHING out...but then it might be my brain telling me that it can't believe i'm still going to counseling. Only three more times, and I'm sure it'll be beneficial. Then again, I dreamed last night that I came for my counseling session and my original counselor was out, and some young one was there, and i ended up re-telling her my WHOLE story again, and it was basically me re-telling the story and nothing to do with getting actual counseling. But before in the dream, I also dreamt that whenever I would have a problem I would run to this one lady who I knew would listen immediately, and ask her for quick advice; and then at the end I told her I wish she were my counselor.
I don't even know if any of that makes sense. But i just wanted to write a few lines down and say, no, i haven't died, and life is going, it always does.
9:27 AM

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