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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I had an awesome Thanksgiving break.
I miss my parents. A lot.
Boris [my car] is here with me now.
It was just great to spend time with my friend's family because they are, in all seriousness, one of the most amazing families that I have ever met.
On Sunday, my parents drove into Atlanta. It was soooo good to see them. We went out to lunch at P.F. Chang's. The food was amazing, and then we drove to Emory, walked around, and then sat down and had some coffee. I know that Winter Break is close, but it's kinda hard seeing them only a day. Almost surreal. My dad looks really good, and lost some weight. I guess my mom took his weight :) They brought me an AMAZING easel. It is beautiful, and comes with paint and new brushes!! I can't wait to start on my new collection.
It's my dad's birthday tomorrow and I gave him a John Coltrane CD and wrote him a nice card. I really think that healing and recovery is taking place between us and our family. Deep rooted healing. He left a really nice voice mail thanking me for the card and it was just sweet and loving.
So i miss them tremendously. But the semester is almost over. I'll have to post pictures of me and Boris together soon!
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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone has an awesome time celebrating!!
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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

And that is the brevity of life

Last night at 2am I got a phone call from my best friend in CA. It was one of those nights were you fall asleep and can't tell if it's really the phone ringing or just in your dream. I've gotten some trivial phone calls at 3am in the morning before so i wasn't too excited about this one before i found out what the call was about. Yet, my best friend called to tell me that our friend, Oanh, had died a couple of hours before.
Shocking. Unexplainable.
She was 25, healthy, active, lovely, wonderful, just to name a few characteristics.
She had the flu and her back and neck hurt, and I guess she basically died of heart failure and the doctors think that it could've been meningitis, as well as kidney problems.
Oanh used to be strung out on drugs, depressed, and got to a point in her life where she didn't even want to live anymore. Her life completely revolutionized when she came to know God and that He had a whole other plan for her life. I met her when she began to attend the church I was attending at the time. God and her new found love for Him was seriously changing her life. This girl had become so caring, loving, in short amazing. She just radiated and her personality drew everyone to wonder what had changed so much. And now she's gone. It was almost like a brief passing...came in, and came out. Yes, I'm sad, but I know that she is in a better place and where she really wants to be; she lived her life these past few years in such a way to get there. I wonder if God has a bigger purpose through her death, and that this could only be the beginnning.
Ironically, last night as I was falling asleep I was thinking about Law School and what I would do as I got older, and of course a little bit of anxiety attacked me because then I began to think if this is even something that I'm supposed to do. After the phone call, it took me about an hour and a half to fall back asleep--thoughts were racing through my head. I mean Oanh wanted to get married, have a family, etc. It's odd that her death wasn't full of pain or suffering. Just a cold and then it was over. That in itself tells me that there must be something more than just a simple idle tragic death.
This brings my thoughts into perspective once again. Our lives our brief moments, short passings, and we really don't have time to fight or argue, or get hung up about silly things. Are those that worth it? Of course not. We have to live each day like it is our last. Did Oanh know that yesterday would be her last? No, but I know that everyday she tried to live a pure life--and that is a great testimony. I want to lie in such a way where I have no regrets, no wishes left unfulfilled, and that I find my purpose in this world for whatever time that may be.
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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Lately i've felt like I've had a piece of lead on my shoulders. I've been so tense to the point that turning my neck at a certain angle hurts. I blame it on my roommate :) Her bf called one morning and said:" Your phone wasn't working." "My cell phone or room phone?" Your room phone." She said:" Well I dunno, i was at breakfast." "Is Masha in the room?" "Yes" and that's when i picked up my stuff and got out of there quick. Hey, he has got to learn the rules around here!
On Wednesday I went to the Dekalb World Farmer's Market. It was amazing. It's this HUGE indoor market with all kinds of foods- grains, vegetables,seafood, etc. from all over the world, and it's ALL good and ALL fresh. That made me really happy because that means that GA isn't a dump but actually has good international cultural stuff going on. It also made me wish that I had my own apartment or house so I could just by that food and cook on my own. *sigh*. School work has slowly been piling up--I have 2 research papers and 1 other paper coming up that I have to write. So that'll be about 25 pages total of me cranking out stuff. I can't wait till Thanksgiving and when Boris will get here [my car]. It'll be nice to see my parents for one day...too short, but i'll take what I can get.
This has been one long week...Well, I guess when you're carrying lead around everywhere that could be the impression.
Thursday nights just get so lonely sometimes. Especially when I start living vicariously through the show Everwood.
I want something cool to happen to me. Unexpected. Exciting. Life changing?
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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Fleeting Moments is 1 year old today!
Happy Birthday to my blog!!
i can't believe that I actually stuck with something for a whole year and didn't give up on it. This blog has been through thick and thin with me this past year, and it's been always there for me when I needed to vent or write about something amazing. Also, thanks to everybody who reads this blog out there!
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