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Sunday, March 25, 2007

So, I haven't written on this thing in forever. I've pretty much shifted to writing in my journal anyway. It's nice for a change. Plus not many people read this anyway.
So much has happened since the last time I posted, that I can't even recall everything. I've had my very lows, good days, dissapointments, happiness, etc. A complete jumble.
I have one mission that I am trying to accomplish. Maybe i'm crazy, but sometimes you have to be a little bit. So, I stayed over at my friends house, and the train ride into a connecting train station, across from me sat the most beautiful stranger. He was absolutely perfect. I knew he could understand us, because he would smile or try to hide a chuckle at the moments we would say jokes. We made eye contact more than once. I thought about him the next couple of days, but I didn't think too much of it, since I probably would never see him again.
A few days later, my friend tells me that she saw him, and that he talked to her about me and that he remembered my name, the way I laughed, asked if i was Dutch, etc etc. He said that he was in love with someone else, but that I reminded him of her; they aren't dating or anything. I don't want anything of that sort with him, but I want to find him again and just have coffee. He went on a long digression with my friend about what he does, how he was too shy to say hi, etc. But there must be a reason for him to remember my name, he must've thought that we would meet again.
I don't know how i could find him. Sure, i could let this go, let it slide, and adhere to the notion that if its meant to be it'll come back to me. But i ALWAYS let everything slide, and for once, i think i really want to make some effort. If i don't find him, then Oh well, If i do, then that'll be great too. I really have no expectations. But a beautiful stranger knows my name!
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