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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Random Poetry

Heart, be still.
Two lovers, two beats.
Two eyes, two souls.
Two hands, two wings.
One mouth, one language [love].
One connection, one eternity.
He, she, him, her--theirs.
Only theirs for the knowing,
for the taking, for the having,
for the holding, for the soaring.
Be free, love. Be free.

the prick of rejection,
the heart bleed is feverish,
unexpected, an unknown cause.
no explanation, no details,
no frills, no parading,
simply chills & breaking.
shatter of memories,
tainted moments stinging,
open wound aching and beating.
The double-edged sword [love],
hanging on the wall tonight,
Father time beginning to wash over,
dusk to dawn mistaken for eternity.
9:28 AM

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