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Sunday, April 15, 2007

I don't post much on here, but I can't bring myself to close it after 2 +years. It's the small corner of the (cyber) world that I can come to and use whenever necessary.
I just got back from Nice, France, Monaco, Genoa/Milan, Italy. Monaco was perfection, but artificial in a strange way. The lavishness and excess of the way people live is astounding, really. Kind of like you are in a museum, walking around, gaping.
I love italians! They are absolutely one of the most friendliest people on earth! Thus, I am inspired to learn italian.
Anyway, the study abroad program is slowly coming to an end. We have two more weeks to finish our 30 page thesis; and at first I laughed when i realized that we had a whole month to do it. Now, i'm not laughing. i am hyperventilating inside. We need 30 hours of interactive research (i.e. interviews) and 150 hours of writing and researching.
My topic is Russia's foreign policy and soft power approach towards the Ukraine, and maybe Georgia. The topic is too huge for 30 pages as I have come to find out, and b) i have NO interviews!
I hate waking up every morning and feeling the push and pressure to write this paper. But on the other hand I am beginning to get excited about traveling all over Europe from May-June.
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